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Laracago™ Dual Fidget Spinner Cat Toy

Laracago™ Dual Fidget Spinner Cat Toy

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Remember fidget spinners?!? We've made ones for cats

❤️ Purr-fectly entertains all cats

🙄 Eliminates boredom and idle time

🐾 Promotes movement and play


Keep your cats entertained when you're away! A true "no-brainer" for the savvy cat owner!

Work, school, meetings, events - when you're out and about you shouldn't be worried about your cat you left behind at home.

Ensure that your cat is NOT BORED & can PLAY INDEPENDENTLY no matter where you are with this toy. 

The Laracago™ Dual Fidget Spinner Cat Toy features dual-sided containers, which includes 2 catnip balls and an LED lighting ball. Its middle axle contains bumpy ridges which are often used as a pet grooming aid or for dental cleaning purposes.

You can stick the toy to any flat surface like glass, windows, tile, wall, floor, tub, etc. very easily with our removable suction cup design. The materials of the toy are safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and BPA-free. This is perfect for the cat for biting, chewing and playing.

    Health Benefits

    ⚕️Relieves stress & anxiety: 1 in 4 cats show symptoms of stress & anxiety that stem from boredom. By providing physical stimulation, this toy helps relieve those common symptoms by keeping them engaged for hours.  

    🥰Soft Hair Brush Scratcher: The center axle grooves acts as a hair and face rubbing massager that many cats find comfort in.

    🦷Improves Oral Hygiene: Placing toothpaste on the center axle can help slow the formation of plaque to avoid the onset of dental problems which is so common in cats.


    • Material: TPR Rubber
    • Color: Blue, Yellow, Green
    • SizeApprox.  (6.2 x 2.9 x 2.8)in / (16 x 7.5 x 7)cm
    • Weight: Approx. 5.3 oz. / 150g 

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    Product FAQs

    Will the suction cup be able to stick to the wall?

    Yes! Be sure to press firmly so that it can discharge air. By doing this it will be intact and not fall easily.

    Are you able to take out the LED light and the 2 catnip balls?

    You are able to remove both parts, but that removes the fun and excitement that the toy brings to the cat.

    Do I need to manually turn on the LED light inside?

    Nope. The LED light will automatically turn on when it is spun.

    Is the center axle only used for dental hygiene purposes?

    It does not have to be. We have seen some cats use the center axle as a head scratcher.

    Can you put other items in the dual containers?

    Yes you can. We have the 2 catnip balls and the LED lights that is provided, but you can substitute for something else.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Solid cat product

    The toy is good and everything works as described. I would give it a 4/5 cat product when comparing to other cat toy purchases in the past.

    My cat finds it fantastic

    My cat find it fantastic. Amazing little toy at an affordable price what more can I ask. If my cats love it...then I love it!

    Brillant toy for my kitty!

    Absolutely brilliant toy for my little kitty! It keeps her preoccupied when I'm busy! Thank you very much!.

    Makes my cat curious about to then play

    My cat loves to rub up on the center part and loves to contantly spin it and seeing the flashing lights plus the cat nip part she is what draws her to it and play with it. Great little toy for her!

    Catnip on the other side it was gets the cats going!

    Overall good cat product for my 2 cats who play with them reguarly, especially when I put those mini catnip balls in it. After I put it all together my cats jumped on it and were going crazy for the toy!

    My cat loved it as soon as I got it!

    I've had this cat toy a few days now, and my cat loved it immediate which is rare because normally when I get him a toy he is skeptical at first. He is playing with it constantly!

    Terrific cat toy with multiple functions to it

    Terrific cat toy, it works perfectly with the light flashing and the two catnip balls to attract my cat to the toy. The suction cup is quite powerful so I can place it where I wanted at home. My cat loves to scratch on the middle part a lot as well which I didn't expect.

    Loves the spin feature!

    Amazing cat toy! My cat is constantly spinning...spinning...and more spinning! It's was she needed I guess lol

    Perfect for my 2 cats!

    My 2 cats love it and play with quite frequently. The lighting ball really does catch their attention, and they scratch their cheeks on the center and love the catnip smell on the other side. Absolutely just perfect to keep them occupied!

    My cat loves it and it sticks on windows well

    My cat loves this he grabbed it off me as soon as I got it from the package. It has great suction on windows but didn't stick on wooden surfaces as well. My cat loves it though and it's his opinion that counts

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