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Copy of Laracago™ Catnip Ball Toy

Copy of Laracago™ Catnip Ball Toy

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The viral catnip toy loved by 1000s of cats and pet parents worldwide.

❤️ Purr-fectly entertains all cats

✨ Engages cats for hours of fun

🤪 Heighten the cat "high" emotions

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Let your cats experience catnip the right way! A true "no-brainer" for the wise cat owner!

Catnip is a cats favorite treat and our product is a new trailblazing device in which all cats can experience it in a better way.

Product Features

  • 😻 STICKY & ROTATABLE- The thick stickers in the back stick firmly and its inner rotatable function is optimal for cats to use.
  • 😻 EASY TO INSTALL- Our product can be placed in many smooth areas such as a table base, window, wall, or even the floor with ease.

  • 😻 NO MESSES- The molded catnip ball is designed to leave ZERO messes. Other catnip products make it easy for messes to happen. 

128 Times Cats Found Catnip, And Cat.exe Stopped Functioning | Bored Panda

Catnip Health Benefits

  • 😻 INCREASED APPETITE- Research has shown that catnip acts as an appetite stimulant and also aids in vitamin supplementation. 
  • 😻 BETTER ORAL HYGIENE- Through chewing and licking the plant fibers in catnip it helps get rid of bad oral residue.

  • 😻 REMOVING HAIRBALLS- Catnip helps cats spit out the intestinal hair that sticks onto the digestive tract and get rid of its impurities.


  • 😻 HEIGHTENED EMOTIONS- The chemicals released by catnip can stimulate the cat's pheromones which induces euphoric feelings.



  • ItemCrab Shaped Catnip Spinning Ball Interactive Cat Licking Toy
  • Materials: Plastic + ABS
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Pink 
  • Size: 2.1 in x 2.1 in 
  • Weight: 3 oz.

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Product FAQs

Where is the best place for this?

You have a lot of options. Some prefer the rotating catnip ball on the ground, the wall, on the cat tree, or sturdy furniture. It really depends on your home setup and what is an optimal location for the cat.

Does this attract insects?

It does not attract insects. However, we recommend that you place the cap on when it is not in use with your cats in order to prevent them getting moldy and for it to last longer.

How long will this last before I need to get a new one?

For some it can last a few weeks and for others it can be months even so it really depends on the cat.

What are the ingredients for this catnip?

The ingrediants come from natural mint that have been dried up and rolled into a ball. It is safe and healthy for you cat to use.

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