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Laracago™ Bouncing Mouse Cat Toy

Laracago™ Bouncing Mouse Cat Toy

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  • INTERACTIVE PLAY-This toy will bring out your cat's hunting instincts! The gray mouse toy will bring out a lot of fun and energy for your cat(s) to play.
  • PHYISCAL & MENTAL STIMULATION-This interactive play brings physical activity to your cat and enriches their overall quality of life by adding play and suppresses pet depression.
  • PREVENT RUINED FURNITURE- Have a cat that ruins your furniture? Have them preoccupied with this toy to help avoid having furniture ruined due to boredom.

Product Features

  • ELASTIC ROPE-The rope length is about 1.8m that is adjustable, stretchable and retractable which allows it to swing back and forth at the optimal height.
  • STURDY HOOK-The triangular hook and suction cup holder are designed to hang the toy on the door beam or onto something high so your cat can interact with it freely without it falling off. 
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL- The gray mouse toy is made with plush material that is safe and pet-friendly.


  • ItemCrab Shaped Catnip Spinning Ball Interactive Cat Licking Toy
  • Materials: Plastic + ABS
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Pink 
  • Size: 2.1 in x 2.1 in 
  • Weight: 3 oz.

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Product FAQs

Does the mouse make noise when batted at?

No, the mouse does not have an automated noise. The mouse is created to attract the cats attention. It is made out of plush material with a built-in sand ball.

How durable are the two attachments?

The triangular hook and the suction cup work well and is durable for attachment in or out of the house. The setups for either option is only a few minutes.

Where is the best placement for this?

It really depends on the home setup that you have and your preferences. We have seen most of our customers use a top of the doorway though.

Is it worth it for a heavier cat?

Absolutely!! It may not be interested at first so don't lose hope. Try adjusting the height of the rope and they will start to swing at the mouse and slowly will start playing with it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Best cat product this year! Well worth it!

This quickly became his favorite toy. Both mounting versions were secure and have not been pulled down once and our cat has been rough with it. I thought he would get bored with it like other toys, but he has kept returning to it all week. Well worth my money and actually very durable and overall a great price.

A CAT-astic

Since I live in a small space this is a great toy to add to my place. I placed the one with the hooks to the hinge of my closet and it is very secure. My cat is totally obsessed with this product!

Got a great recommendation from a friend

I got recommended this product by a friend. I am very satisfied with this purchase so far! This is my cats favorite toy! Highly recommend for all cat owners! It was a well bought item for sure!

A great cat product with my pros and cons

Pros: My cat loves it. He eventually learned to ace the challenge after many hours, but you can just adjust the height higher which even more entertaining.
Cons: Once he knew how to keep it down by sitting on elastic, keeping it in his mouth or sometimes wrapping it around his cat scratching post. So hopefully it can last awhile, but overall a great product.

Great cat toy

She literally spends hours chasing and jumping at it and genuinely just having a good time with this toy. I recommend this for anybody with cats. This is by far the best toy I’ve ever purchased for my kitten!

Your cat will love it

Our cat hasn't stopped playing with it and she is kind of needy so it's keeping her happy and preoccupied! I used to not like it when she was lousy all the time, so having this is much better. Definitely worth it!

Awesome cat entertainment

Plenty of entertainment for our calico girl, she loves it! It keeps her busy with something to do and I get to sit back seeing her having fun with it. A great cat product for sure and would highly recommend.

My cats favorite toy!

My cat loves it so much that I bought one for my nieces cat as a gift. Hang it a little higher so they can’t get tangled in it. You won’t regret buying it for its price.

Worth the price so I got 2!

My kitties wore themselves out playing with this the whole day. They chewed on it a bit but it easily came back into place once I adjusted the height so they wouldn't do that. It was well worth the money and installed in a second in my house.

My cat loved it so much that it caused overuse with some wear and tear

My cat played with this toy a for more than two hours the first day! He absolutely loves it... maybe a little too much. The “fur” on the mouse ripped off a bit and after a week the stretchy string is started to fray. Overall, I’d buy a couple and stock up, because he loves it so much!

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